Veterans Richard Charging Eagle, Kella With Horn and Robert Dunsmore share with you who they are and what branch of the service they served with.

The CRST Veterans Vision: A Veterans Memorial Park on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

The Cheyenne River Veterans Association was chosen to be guardians of this flag — hear the stories behind how this flag chose this group to tell the story of its survival and what it means to so many people, families of those who perished and those who survived and the lives that were lost.

Veterans describe their experience and feelings for this flag and what this flag means to each one of them. They share stories of their travels with the 9-11 flag. The Cheyenne River Veterans Association have traveled over 70,000 miles to tell the story of the flag and to remind people how terrorism has affected our nation.

Robert Dunsmore discusses the community support provided by the Cheyenne River Veterans Association.

Richard Charging Eagle also discusses how the Cheyenne River Veterans Association provides community support.

Richard Charging Eagle talks about the Cheyenne River Reservation.

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