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Cheyenne River


AJ Rivers

Marine Private First Class Alvin Joseph Rivers

Died in Action in the Philippine Islands on May 2, 1942 at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army during the early months of World War II. He was a member of the 4th Marines.

More about Private Alvin Joseph Rivers here

Deer With Horns

Army Private William Paul Deer With Horns

Died on August 4, 1951 during the Korean War. On April 23, 1951, he was wounded in the side, taken prisoner by the Chinese, and put in a North Korean Prisoner of War camp where he died in captivity.

More about Private Deer With Horns here  and here..

Hawk Eagle

Army Pfc. Sheldon Hawk Eagle

Died November 15, 2003 During Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.

More about Sheldon Hawk Eagle here.


Specialist Fourth Class Orlando Silas Roach

Just after his 25th birthday, on October 27, 1966 Orlando Silas Roach died of wounds received in Vietnam

More about Orlando Silas Roach here.


U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Andrew Ernest LeBeau, Jr.

Andrew Le Beau, Jr. was killed in action in Bien Hoa Province in Vietnam on February 11, 1968

More about Andrew Le Beau here.

Arthur Jewett

Sergeant 1st Class Arthur Jewett

During the Korean War on Dec. 2, 1950 the Army changed Arthur Jewett’s status from Missing-In-Action to Killed-In-Action, using the date of Dec. 2, 1950. 59 years later, the Soldier’s long journey had finally come to its end when his remains were delivered to the Cheyenne River Reservation.

More about Arthur Jewett here.

Cpl. Tanner James O’Leary

Cpl. Tanner O’Leary passed away Sunday, Dec. 9, 2007, during active duty in Afghanistan while an improvised explosive device exploded.

More about Tanner O’Leary here.

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